Frequently Asked Questions


What is Prospect Toolbox?

Prospect Toolbox is an online marketing system designed to help you grow and manage your network marketing or direct sales business.

Do I need to be a computer or marketing whiz to use Prospect Toolbox?

Of course not! Prospect Toolbox was designed with simplicity in mind. Our members range from those new to the industry and computers, to seasoned internet marketers who require the most cutting-edge advanced features available — and everyone in between. PS: If you can send and receive emails — you can use Prospect Toolbox. Automation is one of our strengths!

How much does it cost to try Prospect Toolbox?

Just $1 for a 10-day trial! We offer three account levels...Pro, Premier and Executive. Get started.

Learn more about what features come with each account.

I am fairly new to this industry and I am really not sure what to say to prospects and I am often too busy to follow-up with them. Can this system help me?

You bet! We offer pre-written phone scripts, follow-up messages and professionally written email campaigns that are on auto-pilot following up with your prospects on your behalf.


I like your movie, but can I use my own?

Yes, you can upload and use your own movie.

Can I customize the lead capture pages and marketing site too?

Yes, absolutely. The captures pages and marketing site have several customization options which will allow you to put your own personal touches on our professionally designed content.

What else can I customize?

Many aspects of the system were designed to be customizable. You will be able to edit all the automated email campaigns, the phone scripts, the one-touch emails, and more. We make this process incredibly easy so even a computer novice can do it!

I have a large team and want a custom system. What are my options?

Our Premier and Executive level accounts were designed for you! With our special Team Leader feature you can create your own sub-system of Prospect Toolbox.

  • checkmark-home Custom brand our back office with your "Team Name"
  • checkmark-home Create skins that will change the look and feel of the back office
  • checkmark-home Design your own contact manager & lead flow
  • checkmark-home And more…

If you have a very large downline (5000 or more) and want us to build a custom system for you, please contact our sales team at 1-800-881-4742.


Can I purchase leads?

Yes. In addition, our packages come with leads delivered right into your back office each and every month! Your purchased leads are fully integrated with Prospect Toolbox.

How much do leads cost?

We offer a variety of various lead types (Real Time, Tour, Phone Surveyed, etc.) at a range of reasonable prices. Specific pricing is not listed here because it fluctuates with the market. Full pricing is always available in your back office.


I keep hearing about PhoneBurner®. What is it?

PhoneBurner® is an automated dialing system that calls your prospects automatically, leaves voice messages (that you record), sends follow-up email messages, inserts notes for each contact called - all automatically! If you are ready to triple your results, PhoneBurner® is a must.

Does PhoneBurner® come with Prospect Toolbox?

Yes, PhoneBurner® is included at no additional charge with the Executive account level.